Introducing Axon® – the machine learning platform for all, big or small.

As intuitive as it is powerful, Axon® combines your historical data with multiple outside sources to give you a unique and accurate view of the future.

And to help you stay ahead of demand and understand impact, Axon® is built for quick implementation and faster onboarding; all so you can get to work as fast as possible.

Axon® is scalable, affordable, and smarter, giving you near instant access and insights that were locked in your data and can now help drive your business to better profitability.

What makes Axon® special

  • Get up and running in a few minutes to a few weeks
  • Improved forecasting accuracy
  • Forecasting hours significantly reduced
  • Cloud-based service means no hardware or installation costs
  • Custom calendar events to create context at any level of segmentation

Under the Hood

Our algorithms are self-learning and adjust to your baselines and trends. Additionally, frequent runs make sure that the winning algorithm is always in play. And if you have your own data scientists, Axon® plays nice with them too. We offer a special dashboard, made just for them, created by our own team of data scientists.

Standard Input Feeds

  • Sales
  • Transactions
  • Products
  • Promotions
  • Weather
  • Calendars
  • Holidays
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Discover a tomorrow that's looking brighter than ever.

Your business is going places. The past looks good; the present is solid; but what about the future?

Our algorithms reliably forecast what you need to know beyond tomorrow to make better-informed decisions today. Regardless of whether you are predicting sales, transactions, demand, guest count or website traffic, our algorithms seamlessly predict what's next based on what's now.


Overstock and out-of-stocks are costing you not just money but also customer trust. Move beyond educated guesses to data-driven decisions and discover new ways to exceed your business goals.

Case Study

Independent Pepsi bottling company boosts revenue by $300,000 by partnering with Nexosis for increased forecasting accuracy.


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Between your balance sheets and today's receipts, you know things are going well. Let Axon® tell you about how tomorrow looks… or the week after.

Case Study

Zipscene partnered with Nexosis to uncover daily store-level sales predictions with a 94.4% certainty.


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Guest Counts

Scheduling the right number of people used to be an art – a combination of what you did before and what feels right for today. Axon® can predict your daily guest count out to four weeks so you can rest, knowing that you will have the staff ready to make the guests happy.

Discover a confident, new way into the future.

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Explore how yesterday and today influence tomorrow.

There are nearly infinite factors that influence your business. Our platform focuses on the ones that matter most.

Promotions, Sales & Limited-time-offers

Promotions are great to get new customers in the door and get them there more often. From net sales lift to transactions, Axon® can tell you whether your promotions worked and to what effect.

Case Study

A franchise group of a national quick service restaurant wanted to know if a promotion was helping or hurting.


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Sentiment Events

Social media is important for communicating with customers and having your voice heard. Axon® analyzes major sentiment events (good or bad) and determines what that means to your business.

Competitor Events

Trying to stay ahead of the competition is difficult. Axon® can give you the advantage you need by analyzing competitor promotions and how they affect your profitability.


You've always known that weather matters to your business day-to-day. Now, with Axon®, your data can tell you exactly how much.


Labor Day is a boon for business and Thanksgiving is a bane. Let Axon® show you the impact of each holiday and whether it helps or hurts.

Find out how understanding impact can lead to better business decisions.

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