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The Nexosis® API gives you access to our automated machine learning platform. What you do next is nearly limitless.

If you have a historical, time-based data feed, you are moments from creating machine learning applications, no matter what it is.

Here are a few possible use cases by industry to help get you started.

Customer Service

Distribution & Logistics

Greater Good

Human Resources

Manufacturing & Operations

Sales & Marketing

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How we've used our API

Case Study

Demand Forecasting

Independent Pepsi bottling company boosts revenue by $300,000 by partnering with Nexosis for increased forecasting accuracy.

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Case Study

Sales/Transaction Forecasting

Zipscene partnered with Nexosis to uncover daily store-level sales predictions with a 94.4% certainty.

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Case Study

Marketing Impact

A franchise group of a national quick service restaurant wanted to know if a promotion was helping or hurting.

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