We only do two things and we do them really well: forecasting and impact analysis.

Whether you manage a retail store or the supply chain, a distribution center or a big box store, a single restaurant or a franchise, Axon®, our automated machine learning platform, delivers more accurate forecasts and deeper insights into the impact of internal and external forces.

We believe that forecasting through machine learning should empower – not replace – your people, setting them free to do the more nuanced work from a standardized platform. Additionally, Axon® is there for daily use, unlike consultants that only stick around for a limited time… or ongoing at great expense.

Built for your needs… no matter their size.

For retailers

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For restaurants

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Axon® for Retailers

Say goodbye to overstocks and out-of-stocks and hello to happy customers and clients.

When it comes to having product on your shelves, you have two worst-case scenarios: overstocked and out-of-stock. And both mean waste that costs you more than money; they cost you your customers' trust.

  • Create a better customer experience – Optimize your inventory and keep tabs on product velocity to limit out-of-stocks while only keeping on hand products that are actually selling.
  • Understand marketing impact – Find out how your promotion (or your competitor) impacted your sales AND transaction lift.
  • Find the balance for staffing – Use the guest forecast to see what foot traffic looks like for the week (or longer) and schedule the right amount of people.
  • Access your data – Export and download key reports to give to those who need them most.

Our platform forecasts with unparalleled accuracy to help eliminate unnecessary waste from your suppliers, your distribution centers, and your shelves.

Order and keep the right amount on-hand, in the distribution center and coming from the manufacturer.

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Axon® for Restaurants

Say goodbye to hunches and hello to a clearer bottom line.

Whether you have a single location or a franchise group, running a restaurant has unique challenges. From internal and competitor promotions to limited time offers, weather to holidays, there are many factors that impact your bottom line.

  • Get a handle on staff scheduling – Our guest forecasting can show you how many people to anticipate for each day so you can control one of your top expenses: labor costs.
  • Understand your food costs – Discover what you need to order before you run out… and what you definitely have enough of so you don't waste what you can't sell.
  • Monitor your KPIs – See your average order value and gross profit, all at a glance.
  • Discover the impact of marketing – Find out what worked, what didn't, and what you should definitely do again.

Our platform can give you deeper insights into what is helping or hurting your restaurant business at a franchise, regional or store level including sales and transactions trends, promotional impact and even daily guest forecasts.

Start utilizing powerful forecasting and impact analysis that creates a clear path to profitability.

Discover the Axon® Platform