We don't care if you work hard.

Anyone can work hard, and we certainly do plenty of it, but we value ideals far beyond that.


We believe that freedom and responsibility go hand-in-hand.

We are self-starters, self-motivated, and self-disciplined; doing what must be done without waiting.

We thrive on freedom, innovation, and good judgement.


We strive to be the best at everything we do.

We lead in our expertise; delivering work of the highest quality.

We are constantly learning, fueled by passion, curiosity, and courage.


We're on a mission to democratize machine learning.

We believe that our mission is deeply and personally meaningful.

We work with honesty, selflessness, and clear communication.

We've taken the pledge.

Pledge 1% is built to enable companies and individuals to learn more about how to create a culture of giving. We're empowered, engaged, and ready to make a difference.

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