Machine learning for developers, by developers.

As intuitive as it is powerful, the Nexosis API creates scalable, machine learning models that grow with your data.

Whether you have a little bit of data or a lot, our API will automatically select the algorithm best suited for you and whatever problem you are trying to solve.


Organize your data into labeled, logical, and consumable buckets.


Uncover the relationships between variables in data to estimate unknown, missing, or unmeasured data points.


Take your historical time series data and predict what's next. Or determine the impact of various factors on the past.

Anomaly Detection

Discover anomalies in your data to determine what's going on and decide what to do about it.

There isn't just one reason to use the Nexosis API.


Our API provides easy access to dozens of algorithms.

Our platform automatically selects the best model to give you the best results. It'll even show you the error rate for that warm, fuzzy feeling.

Easy to use

We've made it simple because we've felt your pain.

Getting started is as easy as collecting your data, sending it to us, and getting predictions or impact analysis back.

Easy to learn

We've made learning our API as painless as possible.

Just download sample data, see the API run predictions, and then check the results.

Scalable infrastructure

One size shouldn't fit all.

Whether you are running a single prediction or need to train thousands of models, we're ready to go.


We believe that paranoid is just misunderstood caution.

We understand that your data is the core to your business. Our team has security experts and has you covered.

Innovation friendly

Build the next big thing.

Getting started with our API is not only easy, it's cheap so start playing without worrying about your wallet.

Let's build something smart, together.

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