Machine learning for developers.

Nexosis makes it simple to start building machine learning applications.

Our API gives you easy access to automated, scalable model building and deployment in the programming language you use every day. The best part? Our API empowers you to use machine learning regardless of your understanding of data science.

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Built to solve problems, not create them.

The Nexosis Machine Learning Platform was created to make machine learning more accessible.

That's why we've built our API to give you frictionless access to some of the most useful and popular types of machine learning without the need to learn another language.
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Organize your data into labeled, logical, and consumable buckets.

Find relationships in your data and estimate the unknown, missing, or unmeasured.

Forecast any data feed with improved accuracy whether you're looking to the future or want to understand the past.

Anomaly Detection
Discover the unusual and outliers in your data and then decide what to do.

When we say simple, we mean it.