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60 model bulding sessions per month

10,000 predictions per month

20 datasets

10MB per dataset

1,000 queries per day


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Limit Explanations

General – Monthly totals will reset on your anniversary date each month. Anniversary date is the date you signed up for community, or started paying after your 14 day trial.

Model building sessions/month – Every forecast, model build, or impact analysis initiated by making a POST request to the /sessions endpoint of the API will count towards your monthly session total.

Dataset Size – Each dataset that you import or PUT on our server can't exceed the limit listed.

Dataset Count – Dataset count is the number of datasets you can store on our servers.

Max Queries – Queries are all GET requests to entity endpoints which provide information either on one or a list things like your sessions, models, or datasets.

Predictions – Predictions are counted for each prediction provided by a request sent to the model/predict endpoint to get predictions from previously generated models.

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